It is our mission to reduce flower and food miles by making it easy to search, source and connect with local growers. We want to showcase local producers and support other small-scale farmers by providing them with the tools and technology to thrive. Grown Not Flown was initially created for the cut flower industry and recently expanded to include all types of locally grown and produced goods. Like us, many small-scale producers have diversified their farming operations to include multiple income streams and so we have built our platform to be inclusive of all types of producers, and to connect with a diverse range or buyers.

We are farmers first

We are farmers first, founders second and because of this we are our own customer. We built what we wished was available when we first started our farming journey.

farmers first

Grown Not Flown is the global leader when it comes to agritech for micro and small-scale flower farmers, growers and producers. We have a diversified brand offering with our online marketplace and digital ecosystem including our education arm with online masterclasses and chart topping podcast.

There are so many incredible
benefits to supporting local

Grown Not Flown is all about supporting local - local farmers, local communities, local economies.

Our vision

We believe the future is small but in the best way possible. Small-businesses. Small-farms. Small (micro) economies. We have big aspirations for Grown Not Flown that include being the go-to agritech and tourism platform for local food, flowers and farm events. We want to be the leading technology and platform supporting micro and small-scale flower farmers, growers and producers, globally. And, we want to reduce flower and food miles, capture important industry data and close the technology gap that sits between large industrial growers and small-scale producers.

Our mission

We have created a platform that is inclusive, accessible and impactful. We are providing micro and small-scale producers with the tools and technology to help their small-businesses to not just survive, but to thrive. We have removed the need for micro and small-scale producers to have to build and manage their own website, enabled them to easily collect and manage their own farm data and we seamlessly connect them with a diverse range of buyers according to their own business model.


Our Values

We believe in planet over profits and aim to live our values through our actions. It is important that we educate and do our part to leave this world better than we found it. Our core values include but are not limited to:

  • Inclusion & accessiblity
  • Socially & environmentally responsible
  • Inovation & education
  • Collaboration & teamwork
  • Positive Impact always

At Grown Not Flown we're also big believer in having fun and keeping things simple. We encourage cuious minds, challenging the status quo and getting things done.


Nikki brings 15+ years of experience working in the corporate environment having worked on multiple large-scale high profile projects and programs during this time. Nikki specialises in organisational change management, product development and operational excellence.

Nikki has an MBA & Master of Analytics Management from Melbourne Business School and was recently named the 2023 Agri Futures Rural Women of the Year.


Sam brings 15+ years experience leading national teams having specialised in customer experience (CX), service delivery, people management and business development.


Tonya is based in Tuscon, Arizona USA and brings 20+ years experience working in the tech and startup space having founded multiple businesses during this time.

Additionally the team has expanded to include a "Technical Co Founder" in Tonya Aiossa. Tonya is based in Arizona in the USA and founded her own tech business developing apps and websites as well as teaching various IT based topics. She initially worked with the GNF team creating the first iteration of the app prior to formally joining the Grown Not Flown fold. Tonya has over 20 years working in the tech space in leadership and management positions including specialising in system implementation, as a product manager and as a freelance copywriting specialist.

Tonya also comes from a farming family with her Grandfather previously being a landowner and at one stage she worked for the Seawater Foundation - an organisation that farmed using seawater for environmental purposes - with mangroves being one of the highest carbon sequestering ecosystems known. These factors (alongside her technical prowess) meant Tonya understood the GNF mission from the start and contributed to making her a perfect fit to join the Grown Not Flown team.

Partner 1

Hayden brings 15+ years experience working in operations and logistics with his family having owned and operated wineries on Victoria's Bellarine Peninsula for multiple generations.

Partner 2

Jayde brings 15+ years experience in global consulting having worked across multiple sectors and industries and has a Master of Law from the University of Melbourne.

Our key-pillars

There are 5-key pillars that underpin and support Grown Not Flown when it comes to building, growing and operating our business.

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Community
  • Partnerships
  • Data & Insights

We have a strong north star and a comprehensive product roadmap that we're actively taking steps towards achieving each and every day.

Part Logo

Looking for partnership opportunities?

If you're interested in partnering with us please get in touch via email - we're always on the hunt for strong partnerships that align with our values and will benefit our community of growers.

Nikki Davey

Nikki Davey

CEO & co-founder

Tonya Aiossa

Tonya Aiossa

CTO & technical co-founder

Sam Baff

Sam Baff

Chief Partnerships Officer, Podcast Host& co-founder

Jayde Timms

Jayde Timms

Podcast Hosts & Co-Founder

Hayden Timms

Hayden Timms


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